Lupah Sug

Pearl of the Orient Seas


Land of the Living Current


Masjid Tulay

Link to Photoblogs on Sulu:

WARNAH – by Ahmad Musahari, a freelance writer and journalist.

Town of Jolo in Early 1900′s by

The Battle of Bud Dahu in 1906- History and pictures

Interesting Photos of Bud Bagsak Battle 1913

More Photos of Bud Bagsak Battle – Featuring Naquib Amil with his son

Attempt to talk out Maas Amil Failed

Jambatan Sug



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5 Responses to “Gallery”

  1. Ahmad said

    Salam, I’m Ahmad Musahari, free lance writer and Photojournalist. Tausug da isab…. I have some photos I can share in this website. please email me .hoping for your email:-)

  2. Ahmad said

    u can check my Photo-Blog tuwih. Just go to my PHOTOGALLERY page. thanks

  3. salam. kahnu in kaligad iban kasunug sin mga Oil rig ini? amu ra ini in ngooperate ha laud sug?

  4. AhlussuluK said

    Salam tuan, magmaap. in mga kapattah-pattaan sin oil rigs yan daing ha dugaing hulah. Biyutang tayan duun bilang panghimati’ sin kamumulahan sin pag-usaha yan, bukun mahat panganyaya sin altah sin hulah. Magsukul ha paglabay mu mari.

  5. mgsukul kah tuan ha pgpahati. muramurahan salamat kita nyu katan. inshaAllah. salam.

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