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Pearl of the Orient Seas

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Proposed New Autonomous Political Entity (Bangsamoro) Core Territory

Current Political Map of the Philippines
US Army map of Sulu Archipelago

US Army map of Sulu Archipelago

Mindanao-Xolo Map during the Spanish time

About This Site

LUPAHSUG.WORDPRESS.COM is a non-partisan and non-profit site. It is run solely by a private individual.

The aim of this site is to provide researchers, teachers and students a database for Sulu Studies. It is hoped that writings and other scholastic pursuits about Sulu, Mindanao and the whole Philippines may be eased to new heights through the information and various studies offered in this site.

The Site Administrator believes that education is the main force that could bring about true solutions and lasting change to the problems in the South of the Philippines, particularly in Sulu. Supporting education and encouraging scholarship therefore, is a duty every concerned citizen must promote.

All information provided herein are verifiable and expressly linked to the sites where they are found. Needless to say, credit shall go to those sites and their respective authors/writers and not to this site.

Disclaimer: Unless authored by the Admin himself, this site does not necessarily endorse or adhere to views or opinions expressed in the articles, documents and studies posted herein.

No copyright infringement is intended on the use of materials herein. This WordPresser does not earn a single cent from this site.

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